1. Prodi name

            D3 ANIMATED GAME


  1. Vision, Mission and Objectives of the Study Program



The vision of the D3 Animation Study Program is to become a superior higher education provider in the development of non-educational science in the field of animation and applied media such as multimedia and visual game designers in 2022, especially superior in animation visualization and 3-dimensional applied media based on local content and care for human values.



The mission of the D3 Animation Study Program is

  1. The D3 Animation Study Program organizes higher education in order to increase equity and expand access for people in non-education in the fields of animation, multimedia and games that have a specialization in the visualization of animation and 3D games based on local content.
  2. The D3 Animation Study Program improves the quality, relevance and competitiveness through education and learning, research and development of science, as well as community service in non-educational science in the fields of animation, multimedia and games that are directed at visualizing animation and 3-dimensional games based on local content.
  3. D3 Animation Prodi builds a healthy organization in order to strengthen governance, accountability, and public image.



To realize the vision and mission that has been set, the following three points of objectives are formulated.

  1. Field of Equity and Expansion of Access

The development of the D3 Animation Study Program in the field of equalization and expansion of access has the following objectives.

  1. Developing vocational and professional education programs that specialize in visualizing animation and 3D games based on local content.
  2. Increase student capacity.
  3. Provide learning opportunities for high achievers and economically disadvantaged people.
  4. Expanding the reach of learning services by developing information and communication technology (ICT).
  5. Increase the number and quality of cooperation both nationally and Southeast Asia with educational institutions, professional industries and local governments.
  6. Building an alumni forum and increasing the participation of alumni in the development of the D3 Animation Study Program.
  7. Build a user community network for expanding alumni demand.


  1. Areas of Quality Improvement, Relevance and Competitiveness

The development of D3 Animation Study Program in the field of quality improvement, relevance and competitiveness has the following objectives.

  1. Improve the quality of student input.
  2. Improving the quality of lecturers, especially realizing animation visualization and 3D games based on local content.
  3. Improve the quality of learning by referring to the National Education Standards (SNP).
  4. Improve the relationship between academic activities between lecturers and students, as well as outsiders.
  5. Increase education funding through block grants, cooperation, and short course
  6. Improve the quality and utilization of educational facilities and infrastructure.
  7. Increasing the relevance of the curriculum in the field of study with the user community, especially the game and animation industry, both national and Southeast Asia.
  8. Improve the quality of intracurricular coaching and student activities.
  9. To improve research work with non-educational quality in the field of games and animation, both national and Southeast Asia.
  10. Increase activity, productivity, and scientific publications, especially based on animated visualization and 3D games based on local content.
  11. Increase creative activities and quality art and design responses.
  12. Cultivate the acquisition of Intellectual Property Rights (HAKI) for the work of Lecturers and Students.
  13. Increase quality community service work, and increase social commitment.
  14. Practicing and realizing education and non-education in the fields of art and design.
  15. Improve the competence and professionalism of educational personnel through certification and professional education for lecturers.
  16. Improve the quality of D3 Animation Prodi graduates.


  1. Strengthening Governance, Accountability, and Public Image

The development of the D3 Animation Study Program in the field of strengthening governance, accountability, and public imaging has the following objectives.

  1. Strengthening institutional and organizational capacity.
  2. Strengthening the capacity and competence of officials.
  3. Strengthening the system for providing education, research, and community service.
  4. Strengthening the arrangement and management of facilities and infrastructure.
  5. Strengthening the arrangement of budget management patterns that are transparent and accountable.
  6. Strengthening human resource management systems.
  7. Strengthening the quality of lecture program management.
  8. Strengthening the public image through the real contribution of the practice of educational and non-educational sciences in the fields of art and design.
  9. Improve public image and services through various media.
  • Improve image through the role of alumni




Animation Study Program, Department of Art and Design, Faculty of Letters, State University of Malang is designed and directed to become novice professionals in the world of animation and applied media who can take part in both national and Southeast Asia such as 2D / 3D Animators, Character Designers, Animation Industry beginner developers, Game Designers / Multimedia, Game Industry startup developer, Game Asset Designer. The profile of graduates from the Animation study program has advantages in the field games 3-dimensional animation with nuances of Indonesian local culture and prioritizing works games animation that contains education in a global context and fosters the spirit of interpreneurship in the soul of every D3 Animation study program graduate.


Mastery of Knowledge

  1. Mastering skills in designing interface designs, characters, properties, environment and music in applied media
  2. Mastering knowledge of the basic principles of Indonesian cultural arts, archipelago cultural patterns and philosophy in the visualization of local culture-based animated game works
  3. Mastering basic knowledge in the fields of photography and videography as well as video editing and special effects to support work in the field of applied media and animation.
  4. Mastering skills to produce 2D and 3D applied media in individual or group production patterns
  5. Mastering the design of short animation concepts individually or in groups
  6. Mastering logic design, flow diagrams and interface design as a basis for interactive multimedia design both on computers and



General Skills

  1. Able to create 2D & 3D animation according to animation principles
  2. Able in the management, management and marketing of applied or animated media production with entrepreneurial concepts in the creative industry at both national and international levels.
  3. Able to identify managerial problems and organizational functions at the operational level, as well as take appropriate solutions based on alternatives developed, by applying entrepreneurial principles rooted in local wisdom.
  4. Able to understand the application of intellectual property rights in the study of animation work


Special Skills

  1. Able to design sketches, shapes, typography, audio design and 3D design both manually and with the help of software as a basis for making applied media and animation works.
  2. Able to design visualization of character models (sclupt and digital), digital illustrations and comics as a basis for making applied and animated media works.
  3. Able to use programming languages and supporting program media in making applied media



  1. Able to be responsible for managing the production of works in the applied media and animation
  2. Able to compete and adapt to industrial developments in the applied media and animation, both nationally and internationally







  A. Personal Development Courses 8  
  B. Skills Subjects 73  
  C. Work Skills Courses:  
       Compulsory Work Skills Subject 10  
       Elective Work Skills Subject 12  
  D. Work Behavior Subject 6  
  E. Subjects on Community Life 4  
  113 Sks



No. Password Courses credits js Semester T / P / R Status Precondition
1 2 3 4 5 6 core Inst
1 UMPK601 Islamic education*  


2 2 (2)         T    
2 UMPK602 Protestant Religious Education * 2 (2) 2         T    
3 UMPK603 Catholic Religious Education * 2 (2) 2         T    
4 UMPK604 Hindu Religious Education * 2 (2) 2         T    
5 UMPK605 Buddhist Religious Education * 2 (2) 2         T    
6 UMPK606 Pancasila Education 2 2 (2) 2         T    
7 UMPK607 Civic education 2 2 2 (2)         T    
8 UMPK608 Scientific Indonesian 2 2 (2) 2         T    
a. Basic Science
1 FSAS601 Introduction to the Philosophy of Science 2 2 2           T    
2   Innovation Management 3 3       3            
b. Science and Skills
2 GSED501 Art Profession English 2 2   2         T    
3 NAGA501 Math logic 2 2 2           T    
4 NAGA502 Review Game Animations 3 4       3     T    
5 NAGA503 Script Writing 3 3       3     T    
6 NAGA504 Programming Algorithms 3 3     3       T    
7 NAGA505 Sclupting Character Modeling 3 4     3       R    
8 NAGA506 Animation Compositing v 3 4       3     R    
9 NAGA507 Digital Character Modeling 3 4     3       R    
10 NAGA508 Interface Design 3 4       3     R    
11 GRDA508 2D animation 3 4 3           R    
12 GRDA509 3D animation 3 4   3         R   GRDA504
13 GRDA501 Nirmana 2 Dimensions 3 4 3           R  
14 GRDA502 Nirmana 3 Dimensions 3 4   3         R   GRDA501
15 GSED502 Aesthetics 2 2 2           T  
16 GRDA503 Image Shapes 3 4 3           R  
17 Humans and Culture 2 3       2   T
18 GRDA504 Computer Graphics 3 4   3       R  
19 GRDA505 Photography 3 4   3       R  
20 GRDA506 Videography 3 4     3       R  
21 NAGA509 Digital Music 3 4     3       R  
22 GDKA501 Typography 3 4     3       R  
23 GRDA507 Interactive Multimedia 3 4       3     R  
24 NAGA510 Technology concept 2 2         2   T  
25 GSRA501 Scientific Writing 2 2         3   T  
26 NAGA511 Comic illustration 3 4     3       R   GRDA503
1 NAGA513 Animations Stop Motion 3 4         3   R
2 NAGA520 Project Game Animation: Scenarios 3 4       3     R
3 NAGA521 Project Game Animation: Production 4 6         4   R NAGA520
1. Game Options
1 NAGA514 Programming language 3 4     3       R   NAGA504
2 NAGA515 2 Dimensional Game Design 3 4   3         R   NAGA504
3 NAGA516 3 Dimensional Game Design 3 4     3       R   NAGA504
4 NAGA522 Project Game Animations: GameProgramming 3 4         3   R NAGA520
2. Animation options                      
1 NAGA517 Property Design 3 4     3       R GRDA504
2 NAGA518 Design Animations 2 Dimensions 3 4   3         R GRDA508
3 NAGA519 Design Animations 3-dimensions 3 4     3       R GRDA509
4 NAGA523 Project Game Animations: Game Character Design & Interface 3 4         3   R NAGA520
1 NAGA590 Design Final Project 6           6 P    Arranged separately
1 GDKA502 Professional Work Practices 4 4 P Arranged separately
Total credits 113   20 21 24 23 19 6 113      

Note: credit for courses marked with () means it can be taken in that semester.



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