Gedung D.16 Layanan Administrasi Fakultas Sastra

Gedung D. 16 Layanan Administrasi Fakultas Sastra

Gedung D. 18 Laboratorium Perkuliahan Mahasiswa Jurusan Seni dan Desain

Gedung D. 14 Sarana Gedung Pertemuan atau Aula

Gedung D. 15 Sarana Perkuliahan

Gedung D.17 Sarana Perkuliahan

Gedung B. 3 Sarana Perkuliahan

Gedung C. 9 Sarana Perkuliahan

Gedung Balai Bahasa & Budaya

Laboratory / studio / workshop is a means of supporting faculties / departments in the fields of education, research, and community service. FS has four laboratories, several studios and workshops which are a means of supporting academic activities. The five laboratories in question are:

  • Language laboratory
  • Drama Laboratory
  • Computer lab
  • Art and Design Laboratory

In the Art and Design Laboratory there are several studios, namely,

  • Photography Studio
  • Record Media Studio
  • Design and Animation Studio
  • Dance Studio
  • Music studio
  • Painting Studio
  • Graphic Arts Studio
  • Craft Studio
  • Ceramic Studio
  • Sculpture Studio

In addition to these laboratories and studios, there is a Calligraphy Workshop in the Arabic Literature Department to develop student interest. SAC is an institutional unit where students are allowed to learn foreign languages independently and not only depend on classroom activities. With SAC, students can get the widest possible foreign language exposure. At SAC, there are various kinds of learning resources which include cards for independent study, foreign language text books and novels, CD ROM, VCD, internet, materials from foreign TV programs via satellite dishes, as well as listening material using the listening booth. .
There are three SACs on the FS;

  1. SAC Department of English Literature (English Self Access Center),
  2. SAC Arabic Literature Department, and
  3. SAC German Literature Department (Mediothek).
  4. SAC Bahasa Mandarin
  5. SAC Jurusan Sastra Indonesia
  6. MIni Theathre

SAC Jurusan Sastra Inggris

SAC Jurusan Sastra Arab

SAC Jurusan Sastra Jerman

SAC Prodi Mandarin

SAC Jurusan Sastra Indonesia

Mini Theathre

"Self Acces Center" Fakultas Sastra

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